RadioSurgery Canada




In addition to radiosurgery, we have several other websites devoted to specific areas of interest.  For instance:

  • For information about Dr. Schumacher's main practice, visit us at  In addition to information about Dr. Schumacher, his office, and podiatric medicine in general, there is a comprehensive section on foot health topics that may provide a valuable resource about various foot conditions. 

  • One particular area of interest for us is chronic and debilitating heel pain.  In fact, this is such an important part of our practice that we've even developed a subspecialty clinic completely devoted to heel pain.  To learn more about our heel pain specialty clinic, visit us at

  • Another area of specialization for us is the piezoelectric version of Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT), which is used to treat a variety of complaints, including heel pain.  Piezoelectric technology is the most precise version of ESWT available anywhere in the world, and we are the only facility in western Canada using this technology--and there are no such facilities yet anywhere in the United States.  We are also one of very few facilities anywhere in the world specializing in ESWT for the foot.  For more information on this non-invasive therapy, visit us at

  • We also have a separate website for information on cryosurgery, the new, cutting-edge surgical technique for both heel pain and nerve pain.  We are the first (and currently only) facility in all of Canada offering patients this technology.  For more information, visit us at

  • If you're interested in foot surgery, but cannot find a foot surgeon, or if you're on a lengthy waiting list, or if you simply wish a second opinion, we may be able to help.  Visit us at for more information.  Dr. Schumacher is board certified in foot surgery by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery and holds Diplomate status with that organization.  We have a  large, modern, up-to-date facility. 

  • We also provide our surgical facility to other physicians to use for their patients.  If you are a physician interested in using our facility for surgical procedures, please visit for more information about what our facility has to offer. 

We have more websites under development, so stay tuned.